Fiona Coughlin

Fiona Coughlin

Fiona’s personal lived experience drives her work in the social service sector. She believes in working collaboratively to build a better future. Her 18 years experience spans the scope of work with large government bodies to small shop community groups.

Fiona gets buildings built and opens doors. Throughout her career she has actively supported and driven the opening of many service operations in Ontario. In the GTA she helped open a specialized group home for seniors with developmental disabilities, and “The Exchange” a unique community centre built around a food bank. In Windsor she helped The Downtown Mission’s open doors on its innovative new “Wellness Centre.”

Since 2017 Fiona has served as the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex. This year she and her team opened one of the largest ReStores in Canada…one of the first ReStores in the world designed from the ground up with a Social Innovation Centre built in. The ReStore is a Social Purpose Enterprise which operates to fund the work of Habitat for Humanity which has built 65 homes to date in Windsor-Essex.

In 2019 Fiona joined Habitat for Humanity Kenya on a build in Nanyki where she had the opportunity to learn from local leaders. On a personal level Fiona has friends and family living with HIV so the opportunity to build with Kenyan families who are similarly impacted by this disease was personally meaningful. This experience has given Fiona a deeper insight into building with limited resources.

Fiona sits on the City of Windsor Housing Advisory Committee where she advocates for affordable housing. Her work at Habitat for Humanity is currently focused on neighbourhood renewal in core areas of need in Windsor. By 2020 Fiona and her team will have built 5 more houses in “Ford City” neighborhood, in order help fulfill Habitat for Humanity’s vision of building “A world where everyone has a decent place to live.”

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